coolala – Designed & Made in Europe

Less is more! Functional and timeless design in combination with high-quality fabrics and best workmanship make each coolala product a long-term garment.

We consciously have our products exclusively produced in Europe. In this way we secure European jobs and guarantee high standards in terms of fair pay, fair working hours and occupational safety. Thanks to the short transport routes, as well as the fact that our producer already generates more than 30% of its total electricity generation via its own solar system, we can already significantly reduce our global CO2 emissions.
But we are just at the beginning. We want to continue to make a positive contribution to our environment and society. Our goal is to become a 100% sustainable company.


We love Europe. The design of our coolala products is created in Paris and of course we produce as sustainable as possible from the beginning. Therefore, it was a conscious decision to produce exclusively in Europe. For more than a year we have searched for the best performance fabrics and producers in Europe. Short delivery routes, the highest standards of working conditions and safety were essential to us. For coolala, we have found the world's best performance fabrics among Italian weavers and work with world-leading production wear factories in Portugal and Lithuania.

The use of high-quality goods, high production standards and European production conditions also result in a higher price. We calculate each part fair and give the best possible price to you. But we are also convinced that quality matters, not quantity.