Our story

We started coolala because we are dreamers, idealistic perfectionists – driven by optimism and curiosity. We longed for a product which no brand offered and hope that other women share and support our vision:

A fusion of luxury & performance.


The story of designing the ultimate running tights. In London, we frequently went for a daily morning run. Most of us believed run tights should be both better quality and more fashionable. Less of a sporty look, but rather contemporary, feminine, elegant & above all: versatile. We believed we could do better. Improving the existing by innovating became an obsession. We asked more than 500 women what they like or dislike about their gym or running apparel. We created a checklist of all the features running tights should have and identified flaws to avoid. The idea of coolala was born. Timeless and versatile athletic luxury. Uncompromising on quality. At coolala we strive to deliver multi-functionality, superior performance and ultimate comfort – feminine luxury with great attention to detail. Wear the same style at the gym, the office or for a night out: Perfect for the early morning run, high-heel-compatible for date nights and everything in between. From am to pm. For mothers, bosses and lovers. Contemporary versatility.

Crafted for a marathon,
but appropriate at the office,
evening dinner or anywhere else.

To make our vision of luxury & performance come true we researched, travelled and explored the latest production technologies and fabric developments for more than a year. We were determined to produce in Europe to ensure best possible control over product quality, highest standard of labor conditions, to support local markets and to minimize our carbon footprint. We found out that the most luxurious and functional performance fabrics are made in Italy and that the best cashmere producers are in Scotland. We gained state-of- the-art manufacturers across Europe as trusted partners.

Designed in Paris, London and Berlin.
Made in Europe with lots of love.


Product story

We are passionate, if not nerdy about fabric composition and treatment. We use the best tech-fabrics with up to 41% Lycra® to create maximum support, muscle compression and body sculpting effects (average activewear pants only contain between 8% and 15% stretch fabrics such as Lycra®, Spandex, and Elastane). Our bonded fabrics create ultimate shapewear results and our cosmetically enhanced fabrics release Aloe Vera and Vitamin E during the garment use in order to reduce the effects of the skin aging process. All our performance materials are luxurious – the tech-fabric equivalents of the finest silk and cashmere.

With regards to craftsmanship and quality, we do not compromise.

We introduce the best fabrics and technologies from swimwear, equitation and shapewear to activewear and prêt-à- porter to create the next level of luxury performance wear. Our performance pieces deliver outstanding functionality through state-of- the-art technology, e.g. by using seamless bonding - the next generation of cut and sew. Producing in Europe, sourcing the most luxurious fabrics and using sophisticated and labor-intense production techniques is expensive, but worth it. You will feel the difference when comparing coolala with existing activewear brands’ product quality.

The next level of luxury performance wear.

Our core expertise is performance wear. However, our accessories and loungewear styles are made of soft, cozy luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, silk and merino. Cashmere is made from the soft fine undercoat of the goat. Due to extreme conditions in the goat’s natural environment (+40 to -40 degrees), cashmere is nature’s finest insulation in all weather conditions. It is perfect for both performance and leisure wear: breathable, lightweight and naturally odor-resistant. We simply wanted to use the best of all fabrics and could not resist the outstanding quality of the cashmere fibres we found.
Three years of blood, sweat & tears of joy later, we will launch now. Scared, excited but also very happy, grateful and confident. We love our product & we believe you will too.

That’s it, that’s the story. Treat yourself.